Safety Management Compliance System

Health and Safety compliance software to streamline your safety process & administration.

Streamline your safety process and reduce the number of lost hours of productivity due to injuries and incident investigations with our compliance software solutions.

Leading safety management system for compliance

At Commonsense Safety Training, we offer you one of the leading safety management systems for compliance.

Are you looking for online software that can help to administer, track, manage, and report on almost every aspect of your company’s safety program? Our safety management system allows you to utilise digital site inspection forms, field level hazard assessments, online storage of all safety documents and files, equipment and asset management, preventative maintenance reports, and more.

Designed for companies with strong safety training needs

Commonsense Safety Training offers one of the leading safety management systems for compliance. Our safety software is designed for companies with major safety requirements. Regardless if you are in the transportation, energy, construction, or mining industry, this safety management system will help your company meet its safety requirements.

Tailored solutions for your company

You can pick and choose from our suite of tools and only take the modules your business needs with flexible pricing plans to suit your business size and budget.

Main Safety Tools

Digital Forms

Complete Critical Safety Tasks Using Custom Digital Forms

What if most of these administration costs could disappear with one simple program?

The customisable Digital Safety Forms and assessments software is an advanced form builder that incorporates innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online. Each form can include checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, as well as open text fields and electronic signatures. You can even add images and videos to the forms to provide additional information to those completing them.

Users can fill out forms with any smart phone or tablet through a responsive and secure webpage that instantly tracks data. As they fill them out, they can upload images, notes, and even videos into the forms directly from their mobile devices. All forms can then be viewed online and printed in a .pdf format, and all data can be exported into Excel for trending data.

Equipment & Asset Management System

With our innovative Equipment Management software, location and status are just the beginning of what you can track:

✔ Mileage
✔ Hours
✔ Qualified Personnel
✔ Maintenance
✔ Advanced Analytics
✔ And More

Secure Electronic Document Management System

Similar to your computer’s other folders, BIStrainer has digital folders that allow you to upload documents and files onto our secure cloud. This means your entire team can access the same files and documents no matter where they are, as long as they can connect to the internet.

After you upload your documents, this tool will provide employees easy access to company documents, reports on forms and sign-offs, as well as automated expiry alerts and reassignment. Features include:

  • Reports on document signoffs
  • Digital Signatures
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Permission Management

Other Features

  • Incident Management
  • Field Level Hazard Assessments
  • Toolbox Talk Software
  • Paperless Site Inspections
  • Health & safety audit software
  • Driver Management System

Sydney Based Support

You will have access to personalised Australian support from our dedicated team in Sydney.

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