Commonsense safety training delivers training under RTO 41347 Commonsense Safety Training Pty Ltd

We provide courses and training in traffic management to individuals and businesses. We also provide a consultation service to companies wishing to implement their own in-house traffic management scheme.

Training and assessment services in the Blacktown location are provided under a third party arrangement by Traffic Control Licenses. All other training and assessment services are provided directly by Commonsense Safety Training Pty Ltd. RTO 41347.

Traffic control is governed by the Australian Standard AS 1742.3 – 2009, and by State variations. Risk management is regulated under AS/NZS 4360:1999. Traffic controllers are required to wear high-visibility clothing which meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4602:1999.

Personal safety is emphasised in all Commonsense Safety Training. This ranges from proper clothing to learning appropriate behaviour (for example, always face oncoming traffic). Clothing is considered part of PPE—Personal Protective Equipment—which includes steel-capped boots, sunscreen, broad-brim hats, gloves and sunglasses.

When it comes to logical traffic management, you’ll get the right training at Commonsense Safety Training.