What Do I Need to Do to Become a Traffic Controller?

What Does a Traffic Controller Do?

A traffic controller directs the flow of vehicles and machinery on roads and other work sites.

Working in this role involves more than just holding a stop/slow bat such as:

  • Directing vehicular flow and pedestrians
  • Setting up signage and safety barriers
  • Applying a road management plan
  • Cleaning and maintaining signs and equipment

These roles are needed in the construction and road building and maintenance industries.

Learning how to complete these tasks requires training through the nationally recognised training program.


What Do I Need to Do to Become a Traffic Controller?

To become a traffic controller, firstly you will need to obtain a Construction Induction Qualification known in NSW as the white card

Then complete the 2 necessary traffic control training courses:

  • The first skill set is Control Traffic with a Stop/Slow Bat.
  • The second skill set is Implement Traffic Management Plan.

Everything you need to know about how to become a Traffic Controller

Managing traffic and pedestrians is a heavy responsibility. The primary duty of the controller is to ensure the safety of all workers and road users.
Read the full document which details all the prerequisites, training, protective equipment and job opportunities.

Commonsense Safety Training offers combination training in all the required courses.

We have training locations in Marrickville, Blacktown, Wyong and Newcastle.

NSW Construction Induction White Card

Control Traffic with a Stop/Slow Bat skill set

Implement Traffic Management Plan skill set

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