What is the difference between the Traffic Control Courses?

The previous 4 level structure (blue, yellow, red and orange) tickets have been replaced with 3 new national standard levels as shown below.

RIISS00044 – Traffic Controller Skill Set (formerly referred to as blue card). This qualification is for those who manage traffic using a stop/slow bat or a similar control device.

RIISS00041 – Implement Traffic Control Plans Skill Set (formally referred to as yellow card). This qualification is for those who are required to setup the signs and devices in accordance with an approved traffic control plan (TCP).

RIISS00045 – Work Zone Traffic Control Guidance Plan Developer Skill Set – The new combined training course covering the training courses formerly known as Select & Modify Traffic Control Plans (red card) and Design & Inspect Traffic Control Plans (orange card). This qualification enables those successfully completing the course to create a traffic management plan (TMP) as well as selecting and modifying existing traffic control plans (TCP’s) and conduct formal traffic control worksite Inspections.

How do I become a Traffic Controller?

Successfully complete the Traffic Controller training course and practical assessment

What knowledge or qualifications do I need to start the course?

  • To work in construction in NSW (working on the roads is considered to be construction work) you must have a SafeWork NSW Construction Induction card (white card) or similar interstate qualification
  • A USI (unique student Identifier)
  • Most traffic control companies expect traffic controllers to hold a driving licence

What Traffic Controller qualification do I get?

Students who successfully complete the training course and live work assessment will be awarded the statement of attainment (S O A) for the following national units of competency:
• RIIOHS201A Work Safely and follow WHS policies and work procedures
• RIICOM201A Communicate in the workplace
• RIIOHS205A Control traffic with a stop/ slow baton
The Statement of Attainment is required for an application that Commonsense Safety Training submits to the RMS for your photo-card licence.

How long is my photo licence valid for?

The RMS photo licence is valid for 3 years

How long do the courses take?

  • Traffic Controller, 1 day
  • Implement a traffic control plan (layout a traffic worksite), 1 day
  • Combination Traffic Controller and Implement a traffic control plan, 2 days
  • Prepare a Work Zone Traffic Management Plan, 3 days

What time do the courses start?

Generally at 8:30 am

Can you train us at our workplace?

Subject to having adequate arrangements for the theory and practical aspects of the training Commonsense Safety Training can deliver the courses at your workplace.

What do I need wear?

  • Work boots if you have them
  • Open toed foot wear is not acceptable for the practical training session
  • We provide a hi-vis vest for practical training
  • Suitable protection from the weather

What are the job prospects?

There is a demand for good, reliable, hard-working people in the traffic control industry

What happens if I can’t make it on the day?

You can re-book once at no charge

What do I have to bring?

Other than personal clothing we supply all other requirements for the course

Is there parking on site?

There is plenty of parking on site or in the surrounding area

Who can I call to find out more about the courses?

Call Commonsense Safety Training on 0429 424 919